Reto Halme, born in Finland, Reto began his fashion photography career in Madrid, has worked extensively in New York, Los Angeles and Berlin.

His work is often characterized by somber sensuality with ambient urban night settings.

He targets a film-still style, which creates authenticity in his work. He understands fashion photography more as a way to capture key fragments of ongoing time and reality, not only as trend-scouting.

He experiments with the large format and proposes the realization of immense murals, infinite walls of photographs, models, fashion, and the dark city. As a characteristic, his photographs are always in color, they capture time and movement. His work is filled with gloomy sensuality, he applies a kinetic style to it and finishes composing it with the elements of the urban atmosphere of the night.

"In the shoots, you moved, heard music, expressed what you felt. So the situation of shooting almost came more important than the final photos.

Maybe my current blacklight flow Events reflect that, just with no camera at all."

Reto Halme
Reto Halme